Partners in Time: Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs

Nothing is more Parisian than the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre…and the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. It focused on the duality of two prominent men who propelled the LV brand forward through insights that changed the perception of their brands.

Walking into the hall opens the story of Louis Vuitton, the man who started it all, because he had the foresight to capture an unforeseen market. He positioned himself differently from the other “packager-trunk-maker-packers” of the time. He lopped off some letters (in French tradition) and called himself simply the “Packager.”

And then the Packager befriends Charles Frederick Worth, who opens his first fashion house around the corner from Vuitton’s 1st workshop. Worth is none other than the British founder of haute couture. Shortly after, Vuitton started specializing in the packaging of fashions. Good move.

Worth increased the number of clothes needed in a bourgeois wardrobe to get through the day, wherever she traveled. Any given trip might require a morning dress, town attire, afternoon gowns, dinner gown, ballgown…the list would easily wrap around a steamer trunk. But this change was a godsend for LV, who, thanks to his head start, became the de facto packager for all transport of fine clothing.

Heading up the stairs leads to the world of Marc Jacobs and his famous creations in handbags and clothing. All of which is like a walk down memory lane, as the items on display have been in existence for roughly the last ten or so years. Check out the arm candy they have on display on one of their walls!